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  Zsa Zsa Padilla and Conrad Onglao are back together.

Zsa Zsa Padilla (MNS photo)

Zsa Zsa Padilla (MNS photo)

Five months after calling off their engagement, the two have reconciled, according to a newspaper report.

Padilla refused to reveal other details, explaining that she prefers to keep things “private.”

She added that she wants her and Onglao’s second chance at their relationship to last “forever.”

Padilla and Onglao were a couple for more than two years before splitting up.

Prior to Onglao, Padilla was the long-time partner of the late comedian Dolphy.

Onglao, on the other hand, was previously married to interior designer Ivy Almario, with whom he has two sons. They were divorced in the United States and obtained legal separation, and church annulment in the Philippines.

Karylle, the daughter of Padilla, told reporters in May that her mother and Onglao decided to call it quits.

In a statement released weeks after the news broke, Onglao said that he loves and respects Padilla, and expressed hopes for a reconciliation. He went on to say that Padilla is the “best thing” that has ever happened to him.

At the time, Padilla said that she was already in the process of “healing,” with the support of her family and friends.(MNS)

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