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Web tech has made the world a real stage

By Rey Andres

The world indeed has become an open stage just like The Truman Show in the late 90’s where the life of an insurance salesman portrayed by Jim Carrey was shown entirely on TV.
The more organized television networks many times are beaten to their fields where the real actions are by the participants themselves many of whom are armed with little gadgets which  capable of transmitting the events and photos worldwide.

On-live coverages had ceased to be the exclusive provinces of news organizations with their role of information dissemination being assumed in a way by those with handy cameras and other gadgets that make it easy and convenient to gather feedbacks.

Cellphones and their derivatives had been effectively used to gather and rally people into mass action and have been subjects of restrictions by governments where unrest occur.
As rallies are held in many fronts against governments’ oppressive rules (in Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya) it has become a borderless arena where participants are able to compare notes, see photos and videos of the events and eventually draw more participants to the causes they are espousing.

In Libya, where Col. Moammar Kadafi has ruled for forty years, the media phenomenon has been very effective in mobilizing the masses.
As violence erupted hours after Col Kadafi’s son aired a statement that “the security forces will fight to the last bullet to put down the protesters” the social media went hot in the information process. Bloggings and posts were exchanged that infuriated the protesters “to set ablaze several government building” that symbolize the oppressive

Flickr, an image and video hosting hosting website and online community of Yahoo has been used as one of the venues where protesters blogged and posted images of the actions on the site.  It is one of the most popular websites for users “for sharing and embedding personal photographs with more than 5 billion images already posted in
it by mobile users through their iPhones, Blackberries and Window Phone 7’s.

Over the weekend, there were already more than 9,500 images posted on the world protests and rallies some of which where posted in Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Libya, Taiwan, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States.  Sympathetic protests had also been made known through postings in other social media.

What does it mean to have the “sins” and shortcomings of the subject of the postings to be laid open for the world to know? Emotional globalization had broken barriers and exposed the reality that physical boundaries does not prevent emotions for being shared by those who for a long time had to endure the pains and afflictions of living in oppressive and abusive cultures.

Emotional strengths could be shared electronically that becomes the source of physical strength and courage to endure.  Children and infants, however,  have been noticed in some of the postings, an indiscretion that exposes many of them to unwarranted dangers.  Many have found the images of infants and children quite unsettling as
teargas and bullets do not discriminate and everybody has equal chances of becoming casualties if skirmishes occur.

Another area that had resulted from the media phenomena is the exposure of many hidden “sins” that many of the perpetrators tried successfully to hide in the past.  Now these “sins” are now in the open those who expose them suddenly getting moral support from those they haven’t even met.  The abusers of power and privileges also being
made uncomfortable by the developments they see around them and will be a matter of time before they pay for their deeds and pay the consequences of their abuses. It’s only a matter of time when they will be in the crossroads of their life.

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