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Washington-grown Pinata Apple now available at 99 Ranch markets

Nurtured by the mountain springs of Washington orchard, Pinata Apple is now available at all locations of 99 Ranch Market. Pinata Apple is crisp and juicy with a unique tropical flavor. The unique taste, highly nutritious value, and beautiful appeal deserve a ‘must-try’ at the 99 Ranch market produce department.

Pinata Apple originated in the late 1970s; created in the famous German city of Oldenburg. Piñata Apple is a cross between a Golden Delicious, Cox’s Orange Pippin and a Duchess of Oldenburg.

It combines the taste of the Cox Orange with the coloration and productivity of the Oldenburg and the shape, storage stability, and shelf life of the Golden Delicious. Through careful cultivation and tender care, Piñata (previous named Pinova/ Sonata) Apple was awarded GERMANY APPLE of the year in 2001.

In 2004, U.S. grower Stemilt purchase the right to grow and market Pinova/Sonata in the United States and renamed the variety “Piñata”, combining the apple’s given name to more accurately reflect its personality. The new variety – Piñata Apple have a perfectly balance taste of sweetness and tartness. It is cover with sunny yellow skin washed with stripy bright red. It is crisp and juicy, with a slight floral fragrance and a tropical twist. Piñata Apple is rich in vitamins and folic acid that helps prevent heart disease and its a popular remedy for various aliments.

Today, Piñata apples thrive on a selected few Washington orchards. Each location is chosen specifically in premium condition from the soil to elevation and climate that yield top quality apples.

Piñata apples are great eating out-of-hand, in salad, sauces and freezing. When baked it holds it shape well in pies. Piñata Apple is a wholesome super Food for the whole family.

In order to meet the high demand of this new variety, 99 Ranch Market will host Piñata Apple Free sampling event from February 18 – February 21. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a variety of new apple recipes. Whether to added in snacks, salads or your favorite cuisines, Piñata Apple can enhance flavor, adding color and texture and promote healthy eating habit. Please visit your local 99 Ranch Market store for the refreshing taste of Piñata Apples. Please contact us at our customer service hotline 1-800-600-TAWA(8292), or online at www.99ranch.com for any questions or concerns.

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