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Tool tips: A handyman’s best friends

DOGS are facing some tough competition for the status of man’s best friend. Sure, dogs are loyal, but men need more than loyalty-they need tools and toys to get things done and keep them entertained. Fortunately for guys and the gals who love them, finding the right tools and toys is easy (and won’t require a bloodhound).

What To Get

Do-it-yourselfers can enjoy some top tools, rugged clothes and handy toys.

For example, few best friends may be more reliable than a Powerhorse 4,000-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start, whether it’s powering the RV for a tailgate or ensuring the game is on.

Another great friend for any handyman is the five-star-rated, Klutch Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench. This versatile tool removes lug nuts, loosens rusted bolts, removes crank pulley bolts and more.

To finish the job, he’ll need pants as rugged and tough as he is, such as Gravel Gear Five Pocket Jeans.

For men who consider themselves masters of the charcoal grill, there’s a method for making fire that’s more evolved than matches and lighter fluid-the Looftlighter Airstream Fire-starter. It can start a roaring charcoal fire in 15 seconds. Just plug it into a standard outlet, touch the nose to wood or coals and the superhot (up to 1,256º F) airstream it provides starts a fire quickly, without singeing off your eyebrows.

For guys who’d rather be on their motorcycle than just about anywhere, there’s the Pneumatic Biker Stool. It features a synthetic leather motorcycle seat, 360° swivel movement, heavy-duty chrome-plated aluminum base and footrest and five heavy-duty casters for easy maneuverability.

Where To Get It

You can find the Looftlighter Firestarter and Pneumatic Biker Stool at a one-stop, online store, www.Kotulas.com, which features a large assortment of guy gear to make any task easier, any setting more comfortable and any situation more fun.

The Powerhorse Generator, Klutch Air Impact Wrench and Gravel Gear Jeans, as well as more than 30,000 other tools and accessories, are available at more than 70 Northern Tool + Equipment stores and online at www.NorthernTool.com. (NAPSI)  ■


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