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Time for Marvel in Taiwan


-by Jannelle So

We’re doing it again!

(eating at the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan)

(eating at the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan)

A dress for $10; necklace for $5; and another $5 for a makeup kit — (I’m not good in Math, but this is simple enough for me to figure out) — shopping for three items for only $20? In Hollywood, this is only the cost of parking.

            “And the $20 is all in, including tax,” added Emily Liu, one of LA18’s Mandarin news reporters. “Even now that I’m living in the States, I still shop online from Taiwan because it’s so cheap. I can buy so much for so little.”

            Emily proudly talked about her birth country, Taiwan, at the recent press conference for Travel to Taiwan w/La18 Part 3, a collaboration project between KSCVITV-LA18 and Taiwan Tourist Bureau in Los Angeles (TTB-LA.)

            “We had an overwhelming response from the last two trips and people are still calling to inquire and say they want to go. It was much, much more than we expected, so we decided to do this Part 3,” said Trust Lin of TTB-LA who added: “Last year, we had a historic high of 7.3 million international visitors. Seven years ago, when I was new to TTB, we only welcomed 3 million visitors. And in the last seven years, we more than doubled the international visitors to Taiwan.”IMG00652-20110519-2050

            Taiwan Tourism campaign this year involves TIME – “Time to go and go back to Taiwan,” explained Trust. “First of all, we have very hot destinations that people want to see. Secondly, our hospitality. Taiwanese people are very friendly to international visitors. We make you feel welcome. And finally, we just keep promoting Taiwan,” Trust said.

            Hence, the 3rd collaboration with LA18 was sealed.

            “Taiwan is such a gem in Asia. It’s a pity if people don’t get to see that. That’s why we helped create this idea with Taiwan Tourist Bureau, to have our LA18 personalities invite and escort our viewers all around Taiwan,” said April Kuan, LA18 VP.

            LA18 is the largest Asian-language station in the U.S., servicing many different ethnic communities. And for this particular Taiwan Tour, itineraries are set for Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino communities. Each group will be led by corresponding Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino anchors of LA18 shows.

            Jane Stark of Travel International Group have partnered with LA18 and TTB-LA since the project launch during its first year.

            “I’m very excited to partner with LA18. I concentrate mostly on the Filipino market. I suggest the Filipinos who go back home stopover Taiwan and buy gifts for their friends and family back in the Philippines,” Jane said. “The tours are also special, one-of-a-kind. You cannot find this type of tour from any other travel agencies because I made this specifically for LA18 and Jannelle. This year, we will learn more in-depth about Taiwanese culture as we have a personalized culinary tour to teach us how to cook Taiwanese dishes. We will also go to a vast tea plantation called Shangri-la.”

            Thank you for the special mention, Jane. My first two trips in Taiwan were terrific! I enjoyed the first one where we learned about rich culture of the Taiwanese people by visiting temples and the National History Museum. But despite the rich culture and the efforts to preserve their Taiwanese traditions, Taiwan also has a modern soul. I saw this in Taipei 101 and the very elegant and high-end shopping malls in the city.

            Shopping in Taiwan, by the way, is amazing! You can get good bargains at one of the many night markets. But if you are the type to splurge, you will definitely find something you like at the department stores, most of which carry high-end European brands and labels.

The second trip was even more amazing as we tried to venture out of Taipei, into the countryside where it was relaxing and food was very delicious. The veggies were very fresh and tasted sweet. We also got to try and relax in one of their many hot springs places.

There’s much more to see and experience, and I’m definitely looking forward to this third outing. Will you join me?

For a detailed itinerary and package cost, please call: 310.414.7531.

For complete interviews and more information about Travel to Taiwan, check out previous “Kababayan LA” segments – www.youtube.com/kababayanla18.

Jannelle So

Jannelle So

Jannelle So is Host/Producer of “Kababayan LA” that airs daily at 4:30pm on KSCITV-LA18. Catch previous programs at www.youtube.com/kababayanla18. Like her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/JannelleSoOFFICIAL. Follow her on Twitter: www.twitter.com/JannelleSo.

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