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The all new Balita.com on ‘Kababayan LA’

Here at Balita Media, we are always striving to give our readers the latest news affecting our community on a daily basis. But aside from bringing our readers a mix of world and local news that affects Filipinos everywhere, we also want to give Filipinos a way to connect with other Filipinos and to also give them a platform to show off their incredible talents. Because we as Filipinos are a very talented bunch.

As many of you may have noticed, Balita.com has come a long way since its creation 10 years ago. We have totally revamped the site to make it more informative, fun and also user-friendly. Notably, we have also created a video section where our readers can submit their own videos, pictures and even audio to share their talents with other Filipinos around the world. We also have a new contest every month, where anybody can join just by uploading their own original video. Winners are based on the number of votes the video gets, and anybody can vote!

We are always looking for better ways to serve you, and to expand and grow with the changing times. We hope you enjoy the all new Balita.com! Watch Balita.com’s Alan Allen talk about the new Balita.com and our video section and contests on “Kababayan LA” below.

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