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Intersections: World Arts/Local Lives

On going Display UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History UCLA Campus www.fowler.ucla.edu/exhibitions/intersections Museum admission is free.  Some of the exhibit can also be viewed online. Los Angeles museum-goers at last have an ongoing opportunity to enjoy one of our...

‘One Malaysia,’ an economic model for a diverse nation

Malaysia is only country in Southeast Asia that produces its own cars (Note: The author who became a full-fledged journalist right after college is a witness and at the same a victim of Philippines’ corrupt society, whose worsening economic conditions back then forced him to...

Quake shakes southern Philippines

Manila, Sept 3, 2012 (AFP) – A moderate earthquake struck the southern Philippines on Monday, just days after a powerful tremor rocked the same region and triggered a tsunami warning, the government said. The quake, measuring 5.9, was located in the Celebes Sea, 67 kilometers...