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New app gives treadmill joggers virtual scenic runs

(Relaxnews) – If you’re bored with treadmill runs, a new iPad app released last week called Virtual Runner takes you on a spin through some of the world’s most famous jogging paths — such as New York’s Central Park or along the Great Barrier Reef...

Adidas dubs Justin Bieber its official ‘style icon’

(Relaxnews) – After signing on stars such as Katy Perry and David Beckham, Adidas announced on Wednesday that the company has appointed pop star Justin Bieber as its “style icon,” at least for the duration of a two-year partnership through 2014. Bieber is in...

Adidas to launch three new minimalist runners

(Relaxnews) – Adidas is releasing a three-shoe “natural running” collection that is meant to help runners gradually work through the transition of conventional running shoes to the most minimalist of trainers. Of the set, the Motion is the most conventional,...