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Special Collagen Straight Rebonding

Collagen Rebonding

Collagen Rebonding

We the members of the Park Jun’s Beauty Lab’s study really hard to make our customers satisfied. We are very happy to see many Filipino customers who recognize our salon, because they have one in Philippines.

Today, I am going to introduce how to DO hair rebonding without getting any damages.

We have studied long enough to find our own technique.

First: We need to check and know customer’s hair precisely. People have different hair conditions, even its shapes and curls are various. Therefore, to do this straight rebonding, we need to KNOW our customer’s hair right. Since this product contains chemicals, we got to be hair doctors.

Second: To do Rebonding, since everyone has different hair condition and curls, we use different amount of chemicals for each customer. Our secret technique: we put Japanese PPT treatment before we start doing rebonding to protect your hair. Especially for those of you who have just colored their hair. It’s better if you cut the damaged parts of your hair first.

Third: If you have natural hair, which means you didn’t color your hair or permed your hair, we can use regular straight chemicals and all we have to do is set precise time to make your hair beautiful. However, people who did self-coloring at home, we need to put Collagen  mixed with chemicals to make your hair healthy and elastic. To make your hair fabulous and healthy, we need some fancy special products and we must use it to protect your hair.

Lastly, if you have serious curls, there is no way you will avoid even a big of damages. However, after done with your Japanese Straight Rebonding, you can do collagen straight rebonding to make your hair shiny.

If you have any questions you can visit us and make appointments. Park Jun’s Beauty Lab can be reached 818-757-0675 or 818-757-0680.

Park Jun’s Beauty Lab

Park Jun’s Beauty Lab

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