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Sell hope: Beauty is free

By Marlou Colina

I love what I do. I spend my days making people look and feel great. A snip-snip here, a brush-brush there and presto! – you’re ready for that wedding, job interview, first date or maybe it’s just your regular Wednesday appointment. Whatever your occasion, I love the smile on your face and the pep in your step after you’ve spent a little time with me and my team of stylists.

Now it’s time for me to pass-it-on.

As many of my readers and clients may know, I launched the Marlou Colina Make-up line last year and – thanks to all of you – it’s been a huge hit.

What you may not know, is that this year we are launching the Marlou Colina Make-Over Consultant Program. Hundreds of you email, tweet or post your beauty questions on my Facebook Page every month, then many more of you come by the salon for one-on-ones and personal make-overs. This year we are only accepting 20 Make-Over Consultant Applicants. Be amongst the first to sell our special brand of hope.

The Marlou Colina Make-Over Consultant Program is the perfect opportunity for ladies and gentleman who want free make-up for themselves and also enjoy the rush of the make-over. When you buy your Marlou Colina Make-Over Kit, which includes a personal mini make-over session every season, pads, brushes, enough product to tackle 25 of your best friends and of course, me. You’ll get all of the tips you’ve read here on Balita.com and more of my “Tricks of the Trade” for free!

The trip back home was eye-opening for me. Many people have giggled at me giving food, clothes and make-up to the locals. But, those people missed the purpose, what I really was giving away was food, clothes and HOPE. A mini-make-over puts a smile on a person’s face and gives them the confidence to get that job interview, the promotion, or just makes you feel pretty.

I want to take the Discover the Beautiful You brand to the next level. Being the generous culture that we are, let’s give the gift of beauty this year. Become a Make-Over Consultant with Marlou Colina and you’ll discover the passion that I have for beauty. Whether you want to earn extra income from sales commissions, learn the art of make-up and styling or you just would love to never need to pay for your make-up again, give us a call.

Discover the Beautiful You, then pass it on.

-Marlou Colina, Celebrity Stylist
Founder of The Marlou Colina Salon and Celebrity Make-Up Line
3848 Atlantic Avenue, Suite One in Lovely Long Beach, California

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