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Philippine Ambassador to Korea cites reasons why Koreans tourists go to the Philippines

Philippine Ambassador to Korea Luis Cruz (photo courtesy of www.philembassy-seoul.com)

Philippine Ambassador to Korea Luis Cruz (photo courtesy of www.philembassy-seoul.com)

SEOUL, South Korea  (Mabuhay) — Increasing number of Koreans visits the Philippines to explore tourist attractions and the great local food, Philippine Ambassador to Korea Luis Cruz said.

During an interview with the Radio-TV Malacanang here in Seoul, Ambassador Cruz said that Korea is the top source of tourists for the Philippines for the past few years.

Just last year, the Department of Tourism recorded more than a million visitors from Korea or nearly a quarter of total tourist arrivals to the Philippines.

“There is something that they found in the Philippines that keeps them coming back,” he said. Aside from learning the English language, the Ambassador noted that Koreans enjoy spending their vacations by going to the Philippines.

Ambassador Cruz added that a lot of Korean visitors go to the Philippines for shopping, spa and other leisure activities. “So there are so many things that they like in the Philippines, that’s why they keep on coming back,” he said.

He also credited the Department of Tourism for the increasing number of Koreans visiting the country. Cruz said that it has implemented various programs based on the survey conducted by the Gallup Company to attract more tourists from Korea. He mentioned one survey where respondents from Korea cited Filipino seafood as a particular favorite.

Cruz also cited the historical ties between the Philippines and Korea that took root during the Korean War. “We helped them during the rehabilitation of their country,” he said, adding that Koreans “have very high regard for Filipinos.”

During the Korean War in 1950, the Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea joined the UN-led coalition in defending the freedom of the Korean people. Until today, both countries recognize this as the bedrock of Philippine-Korean relations. (MNS)

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