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Northridge Gold Mine buys and sells gold, diamonds and jewelry

Gold Coins

Gold Coins

LOS ANGELES, CA  – Do you have diamonds, gold or silver to sell?  Perhaps you have some broken jewelry, or jewelry you don’t want anymore?  Did you inherit a diamond ring, or did your life’s circumstances change and now you have a diamond ring you want to sell?  You can sell it – but there are some important things you should know before you sell your diamond, gold and jewelry.  For example: the price?  There are many companies that advertise on TV and magazines that they will buy your precious jewelry. But – at what price?  There is a risk mailing your jewelry to a company without a firm price in advance.  Also, some companies might say they give you a 30-50 % bonus but we have heard stories about return privileges expiring even before the seller knows what price is being offered for their jewelry.

Northridge Gold Mine is now offering to buy and sell certified and non-certified diamonds and diamond jewelry.  The privately owned dealership continues to buy gold and silver, including gold jewelry and sterling flatware and table services.  The jeweler who owns Northridge Gold Mine wants consumers to get more out of their valuables. Because his overhead is lower he can offer better prices to consumers who want to sell, and he can also offer better prices to consumers who want to buy.  The Northridge Gold Mine is owned by a gemologist and experienced jeweler, and free appraisals are always given.

Northridge Gold Mine now buys and sells diamonds in all shapes and colors and sizes of one-half carat up to 20-carats.  The Northridge Gold Mine will pay immediate cash, or they can take your pieces on consignment as they shop around for the best prices that may become available.  Northridge Gold Mine now also buys and sells Rolex watches including high quality Rolex watches that have their original boxes and official paperwork.  Our TV show report is below.

Northridge Gold Mine will buy not only your gold, but we’ll also buy your silver, platinum, diamond, coins, color stones, antiques, watches, and dentals. They’ll pay top dollar for these items and will beat anyone’s price! Certified and licensed for over 30 years in the business, they can provide an honest appraisal for all your items at no cost to you. Whether the items are broken, damaged, or old, Northridge Gold Mine will accept it all.

Northridge Gold Mine was established in 1977 and is regarded as one of the most highly respected gold and jewelry buyers/dealers in the nation. Northridge Gold Mine is Southern California’s premier gold & jewelry buyer. For years they’ve operated in the downtown area of Los Angeles, but recently opened a store front in the city of Northridge. Certified and licensed for over 30 years in the business, their primary goal is to provide the community with a reliable outlet to sell gold and other goods. Unlike the mail-in cash for gold buyers out there, Northridge Gold Mine is one of the only buyers that allows you to walk-in to one of their stores and sell your gold and jewelry on the spot! Walk in with gold, walk out with cash! Northridge Gold Mine also provides quality repair services for your jewelry, watches, special orders, and much more! They also manufacture fine jewelry & are diamond importers. Bring it in for a free appraisal today! Sell Gold. Did you know? 10% of all proceeds go towards helping our local schools. Northridge Gold Mine is committed to uplifting the community one gram at a time! Recycling gold and other precious metals helps save the environment from destructive mining practices that contribute to global pollution.

For more information, contact Northridge Goldmine at 818-294-4724 or visit www.northridgegoldmine.com or www.northridgediamondbuyers.com.  Location: 18473 Devonshire St. Northridge, CA 91325.

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