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Marlou Colina answers your beauty questions!

Yes…yes…yes. Thank you for all of the great questions, Facebookers. I’ve got answers for you. The one question that seems to have everyone baffled is “Should I bump up my look for the holidays or does it even matter?”

Ladies, when it comes to the holidays, you’ve got to mix it up. It doesn’t usually matter whether you’re celebrating the holidays in the tropics, the midwest or right here in LA – you’ve got to change your look. Rise to the occasion, make 2011 the year that you get the make-over, get in shape and celebrate the beauty that is within YOU.

Q: “Marlou, it’s been a long and hard year…but  I want to celebrate. What’s a quick and easy way for me to fix-up my look?”

• Marivic, Long Beach

Marlou: Well Marivic, there are two easy ways to have a quick make-over.  First since you’re here in LA, 
come to the shop and let me give you a fabulous cut and throw in some red hues to give you a fresh
and festive do and I’ll throw in the eyebrows.  Then, treat yourself to a mani-pedicure and get red, french 
or pearl tips.  Preferably in a spa with spirits, and serves a great white wine.

Q: I’m Pinay, sixty something and rapidly graying. I’m contemplating as the new year is approaching whether to re-do my entire
wardrobe or get my hair colored darker. I’m conflicted because I don’t want to look like I’m trying to look younger or older than my true age at the same time i want to feel good about myself and have a fresh new look without being too drastic. My sweet husband often tells me “Ikaw ang Miss Universe ng buhay ko”…I doubt that sometimes when I look myself in the mirror so I am hoping you can help me with my dilemma so that the next time he says that i truly feel and believe that i am beautiful even.

• Mel, Davao

Marlou:  Mel, Filipinos and Asians in general remain looking youthful at any age…hindi tayo tumatanda ng kasing tulin ng mga Puti. You can make the changes you want with  your hair and wardrobe so long as it’s not the most extreme end of the spectrum. Hair is everyone’s crowning glory so you need to make sure that you consult with a seasoned professional hair stylist and colorist who can give you good advice on the changes that will complement the shape of your face, age, and accentuate your best features.

Q: I’m writing you this because my wife is always complaining that I need to update my haircut, update my style and do my part to keep our relationship fresh.  Her name is &%@# and you do her hair and she is now wearing your new make-up.  I’m an athletic guy and I am not into the metro-sexual thing.  What’s a compromise?

• Gil, Santa Monica

Marlou:  Gil, let me start by saying that I admire your courage.  Not many guys write into me or visit my salon, though more should.  You’re local just like Marivic from Long Beach.  Just come into the salon and in an hour, you’ll be a new man.  But, if your wife is complaining then pay attention, they say that your spouse is a mirror.  Keeping yourself up is harder for men as we get older, but i’ts important to do it.  Donate those old clothes to the local Salvation Army and go out and get some fresh ones.  Treat yourself to a beauty day and then come home and take your wife out to dinner…that’ll keep it fresh Gil.

Marlou, my wedding is in six months and I want it to be the best day of my life – of course. But I have a limited budget so every penny counts.  Please be honest with me, how important is it to have a stylist?

• Christina, Orange County California

Marlou:  A stylist is ultra important Christina.  First of all, your dress is probably white so doing your own hair and make-up is not an option.  You can’t take the chance of having an accident and walking down the isle with a Filipina brown foundation stain on your dress.  Not to mention that you have brides maids, a groom and grooms men, plus mom and dad.  In addition to the pre-wedding make-over, a great stylist will touch you up throughout the day for photo ops.  You’ll appreciate the presence of your stylist when the wedding is over and your pictures are fabulous!

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