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Los Angeles Grand Park opening led by Bandaloop

By: Nicholas Scolari

Grand Park Celebrated the opening of the full recreational corridor between The Music Center on Grand Avenue and Los Angeles City Hall on Spring Street. The final area of the park opened to the public was the Event Lawn. The area was the perfect area to watch a performance by Bandaloop, high flying dancers suspended by climbing ropes attached to the side of City Hall. Los Angeles, CA 10/6/2012(photos courtesy Grand Park.

Downtown Los Angeles throughout its diverse and eclectic history has been subjected to both criticism and praise. Regardless, few can doubt the potential and the rich cultural diversity which downtown Los Angeles possesses. On October 6th, 2012 the city of Los Angeles hosted a grand opening for its newest community establishment, the Grand Park located in downtown Los Angeles, across the street from the historic city hall.

The event itself was full of life, and essentially served as a symbolic revitalization of downtown Los Angeles. Individuals came from all over the region to partake in the grand opening of the park and they were not disappointed. Entertainment was provided by the dynamic performance group Bandaloop, an internationally acclaimed group known for its avant-garde style. Bandaloop’s performance is generally referred to as a vertical performance style; their shows feature a blend of climbing technology, intense physical ability, stylistic choreography, and aerial displays, all of which both figuratively and literally turn the dance floor on its side.

Bandaloop has showcased their abilities throughout the United States, performing at and more notably on, some of the nation’s most iconic landmarks. Bandaloop’s performances generally take place on the sides of structures, suspended in an aerial position. Bandaloop’s resume includes locations such as The New York Stock exchange and Seattle’s famous Space Needle. For the first time Bandaloop performed in Los Angeles, and their stage was the exterior of the Los Angeles City Hall, in plain view of the Grand Park opening festivities. The performance itself was thrilling and was clearly well received by the crowd.

The park itself will provide a multitude of services to the residents of Los Angeles including cultural events and festivities, holiday celebrations and of course a vibrant, family friendly environment for all to enjoy. The park itself features 12 acres of beautiful scenery, which contain vast grassy fields, which are ideal for recreational and leisure activities. The vast open fields are complimented by beautiful floral arrangements and a multitude of plant life. Amidst the aesthetically pleasing environment of the park, individuals are also provided with lounge areas including seating areas, which make the park ideal for a picnic or casual lunch date.

Bandaloop’s ecstatic performance will undoubtedly be remembered and associated with the Grand Opening of this park.

 For information on upcoming events at the Grand Park, please visit www.grandparkla.org

For information on Bandaloop,  please visit: projectbandaloop.org


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