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Look Better, Feel Better, Have More Energy

(NewsUSA) – As you push to fulfill the demands of your hectic schedule, make sure that you carve out some time to take care of you and your health. It may seem like a daunting task to add healthy eating and regular physical activity to your list, but it does not need to be.

With a season of spring time and renewal around the corner, the “Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better” program offers busy, black women some easy ways to move more, eat healthier and feel better.

* Make working out fun. Don’t torture yourself with physical activities that you don’t enjoy. Dancing, swimming or bicycling are fun ways to get your exercise. Try exercising with friends so you can socialize and cheer each other on. Remember, you can look good as you get fit. Just ask your hair stylist for tips on how to maintain your hair as you exercise.

* Fit exercise into your daily routine. Try parking a little farther from your destination or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. When you go shopping, walk around the whole mall.

* Always eat breakfast. Choose whole grains and healthy fats. For example, try eating fruit with low-fat yogurt or whole-grain toast spread with a tiny amount of jam or peanut butter.

* Prepare your favorite foods in healthier ways. For example, you can bake chicken instead of frying it. Reduce the amount of butter you use; fresh or dried herbs can provide flavor without fat. Try using a little less salt. You might not even notice the difference.

* Learn to eat healthy on-the-go. Try to choose restaurants with healthy options. Order vegetable pizza instead of pepperoni or sausage, or a plain hamburger without sauce or mayonnaise instead of a bacon cheeseburger. Get a side salad instead of fries, and be sure to request fat-free or low-fat dressing. Split portions with friends.

* Make healthier choices at parties or social events. Snack on pretzels or cut-up vegetables, and skip the soda. If you drink alcohol, limit yourself to one drink.

For information about Sisters Together and more tips for busy black women, visit www.win.niddk.nih.gov and read the publication, “Celebrate the Beauty of Youth” or call WIN at 1-877-946-4627.

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