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‘LIMBO’, ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Ilomilo’ crowned best of Nordic

(AFP Relax) The recent Nordic Game Conference 2011 held this May 10-12 in Malm̦, Sweden gave out awards to the top five greatest games of the past year according to category. Surprisingly, games Limbo, Minecraft and Ilomilo make it to this top five, beating other popular and big budget games such as Age of Conan РRise of the Godslayer, Just Cause 2 and Alan Wake.

Xbox 360 Live Arcade game LIMBO garnered the Best Nordic Game of the Year, beating out Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Dead Nation. The game is developed by Danish game developer Playdead Studios. It involves being in a black and white monochromatic world of puzzle platforming adventure, letting players take control of a young nameless boy in a hostile world in an attempt to find out what happened to his sister.

Despite competition with LIMBO itself and other notable games such as Kane Lynch 2, Minecraft garnered the Best Artistic Award from Nordic. This just recently released game developed by Markus Persson involves using blocks to build just anything the player can imagine.

Ilomilo, a game also accessibly via the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade as well as the Windows 7 Phone, garnered the Best Children’s Game award. Developed by SouthEnd Interactive, this popular children’s puzzle game aims to have the two characters Ilo and Milo go through a series of levels to unite again. Players take control of the two one character at a time, or the player may have a friend control the other character.

Aside from the three, Axe in Face for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad was given the Best Handheld Game award while D-Pad Studios of Norway’s Vikings on Trampolines garnered the Indie Sensation award.

With the Nordic Game Conference over, the gaming community is much looking forward to the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 which will be held this June 7-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

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