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LeBron James tweet draws attention following Cavs epic loss to Lakers

Since LeBron James left the Cavaliers, Cleveland has quickly become an irrelevant part of the basketball universe, except for its place in history as the smoldering crater King James left behind. And the hate – Cavaliers fans are not terribly fond of LeBron James.

But could that hate have come back to bite them? James appears to think so, according to a tweet that is getting attention around the Internet and on the airwaves, following the Cavs’ embarrassing 112-57 loss to the Lakers on Tuesday night.

James tweeted “Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. It’s not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

James did not mention the Cavs by name, but his tweet came while his old outfit was in the progress of taking the epic drubbing. And James has used Twitter before to inform the public that he keeps “mental notes of everyone taking shots.”

If the early reaction on Twitter is any indication, people are going to cite this tweet as just another PR misadventure for James, who seems to be constantly putting his foot in his mouth since the ill-fated Decision this summer. But at this point, the issue has as much to do with James’ actions as it does people’s eagerness to jump down his throat.

So here’s a preemptive plea to let this one go, everyone. Besides, if God sees everything, as James claims, Karmic power probably wasn’t necessary to induce what happened Tuesday. It’s doesn’t take divine intervention for the current Cavs roster reach this level of stink. Cavs point guard Mo Williams seemed to admit as much after game with a tweet of his own: “This s**t is embarrassing. I feel like I can’t even show my face in Cleve”.

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