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Kris prefers sudden death to battling illness

Photo courtesy of MNS

Host-actress Kris Aquino still remembers the hardship they had to go through seeing their mom former President Cory Aquino battle through cancer.

On her morning show “KrisTV”, Aquino said she would rather die in a plane crash with her entire family than to go through a long difficult period fighting an illness like cancer.

Mrs. Aquino died on August 1, 2009 after a long battle with colon cancer.

“My option No. 2 is sana plane crash pero my entire family magkakasama, ‘yung walang nag-survive,” she said. “I don’t want ‘yung ako lang ‘yung survivor, oh my God. Gusto ko sabay sabay, ‘yung ‘puk,’ gone, bye.”

Option No. 1, she said, is to die in her sleep, she said when asked how she would want to go.

“Peacefully, naturally and in my sleep, yung ganoon lang talaga, ‘yung habang tulog ka,” Aquino said. (MNS)

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