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JFAV marks 69th Fall of Bataan Day

LOS ANGELES – “Bataan has fallen, but the spirit that made it stand a beacon to all freedom loving people of the world, cannot fall.”

The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) with People’s CORE will commemorate the 69th year of the fall of Bataan on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. at the Lake Street Community Center at 227 N. Lake St. Los Angeles, CA 90026.

The event will also coincide with the send-off rally and nationwide-phone conference of the JFAV veterans, widows and advocate as they prepare to lobby the US Congress for the passage of the HR 210 or the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act from April 12-15, 2011.

JFAV Los Angeles will send a three person delegation together with the cities of San Francisco, New York, Washington DC and Chicago to met with congresspersons who will sponsor the bill. They will comprised the 20-person delegation of JFAV and the Filipino-American community for the passage of HR 210 in the US Congress.

The event is also in honor of the 40th day of passing of JFAV founder and coordinator for 12 years, Commander Faustino “Mang Peping” Baclig died on February 27, 2011. The general public is invited to the affair.

Onward to the April 13-14 lobby in Congress

Meanwhile, the JFAV campaign to pass HR 210 in the US Congress gained ground when Minority Floor leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi reportedly pledged to support the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act or HR 210.

In her letter addressed to veteran Vincent Rivera Minority Floor Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi said:

“We have an obligation to care for and honor servicemen and women, their families and our veterans for their bravery and sacrifice. Filipino troops stood alongside their American brothers, witnessing the same horrors that all soldiers face in combat. Their heroic efforts played a critical role in the outcome of the war and helped lead our nation to victory.

Please be assured I will keep your comments in mind. Please be assured I will keep your comments in mind as I work to keep our promise to our veterans.”

Pelosi is joining Rep. Bob Filner, top ranking democrat in the Veterans Affairs Committee of the Lower House and co-sponsor of HR 210, and other representatives, in support of full equity!

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