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Golden Globes Dresses 2011: Red Carpet’s Best & Worst

Golden Globes fashion lesson for this year: Be yourself.

The bombshells who dressed as bombshells – Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria – looked beautiful, stunning even.

The young starlets who dressed with a youthful flair – Elisabeth Moss, Anne Hathaway, most of the cast of “Glee” – looked just right too.

But then there were those who tried too hard. Or wore an elaborate dress that competed with big hair – Scarlett Johansson and Christina Hendrix, we’re looking at you. It’s not that they weren’t beautiful. It’s just that it was all a little much.

And not to spend too much time on that topic, but Natalie Portman’s hotly anticipated walk on the red carpet left us a little cold, too. Such a pretty Viktor & Rolf dress, but was that rose supposed to detract from her pregnant belly?

But enough of that. Who did we love? Some of the talk around our table:

* “I love how Julia Stiles added glamour to her bob with loose curls. And I love how instead of going with a typical pink lip she wore a purple lip color.” – Dana Oliver, acting beauty editor

* “January Jones. It was the red carpet, she wore a red dress and she had a red pout.” – Sarah St. Lifer, intern

* “Elisabeth Moss. Can I have her hair?” – Bernadette Sheridan, photo editor

* “Giuliana Ransic. She looked cute and she wore two dresses.” – Ben Widdicombe, celebrity editor

* “Mila Kunis. Her dress had cool texture.” – Ian Hodder, copy editor

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