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Gandi’s amazing acupuncture helps migraine sufferers

By Leila Aquino

CEO, “Synergy Financials and Management Services, Inc.” and Marketing Director, “Shapes Me Well” (USA & Philippines)



I had been on a long journey, seeking help for my chronic migraine problem that started at an early age. I had suffered from excruciating migraine attacks for fourteen years. In 2009, the pain became immensely unbearable and my search included numerous trips to migraine clinics, neurologists, ENT doctors, and chiropractors. I had spent a considerable amount of money for head scans and x-rays, all to no avail. I had also tried an array of prescription drugs that caused uncomfortable side effects. I had literally suffered from chronic migraines my entire life.  At times, only my faith in God kept me from wanting to “disappear” as I lay prone in bed, incapacitated for days, suffering from chronic migraine attacks.  No medication would ever alleviate nor stop the throbbing, pounding and agonizing pain.  It would just seem to run its course and then cease.  On so many occasions, I had also gone to the “ER” (emergency room) for treatments.  While there they gave me a shot of either “Toradol” or “Imitrex,” which was the only almost immediate solution in order to ease my plight. However, as with any medication upon administering it, the effect subsides after a while, or it does not work at all.

In addition, I had undergone a series of “MRI’s” (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which were ordered by some specialists, findings of which did not help much in diagnosing the cause of my migraines.  None of these specialists really helped me very much.  They really did not listen to what I was telling them, as with most doctors, they were only treating the symptoms, not getting to the root cause of my suffering, and yet, getting rich in the process.  I kept telling them that with just the slightest of activity, I felt like either my back would be out of place, or my head seemed about to explode, or my eyeballs were about to pop out!  I told one doctor that I would roll over in bed and jump out of place and that my neck was constantly popping and felt like I had huge grit in it.  It felt like I was sleeping on a concrete pillow at night, as I could never get comfortable, not to mention the nausea and anxiety attacks that I would suddenly experience.

I knew this was not normal and I felt extremely helpless, not knowing if I would survive the attack or what could have happened next? I tried several other natural remedies since my migraines started, and yet nothing really alleviated my severe and chronic pain.  My physicians had prescribed almost every drug in the book… you name it, and I took it!  They were so bad that I had also been given “Topamax.”  It seemed to help, however, I weaned myself from it due to the side effects. But alas, the migraines began to reoccur.  One time I took a “Darvocet” tablet and a “Zoloft” tablet prescribed for my headaches.  In the past I was prescribed a multi-drug that contained barbiturates… I simply can’t remember the names, as there were so many.

In 2012, my migraines had gotten worst, and on one occasion, I totally passed out. Fortunately, a friend drove me to Gandi for  acupuncture treatment, hoping to get instant relief.  To my surprise, the torment had instantly been subdued.

To this day, I am so thankful for Gandi’s natural healing talent and her total wellness program package, whereby she does not only concentrate on one illness, but she also takes the entire well-being of a person into consideration during each acupuncture treatment or total wellness session.  Gandi applies her utmost unique natural healing methods to the best of her ability, without any hesitation, in order to help cure people’s minor as well as major illnesses, chronic aches and pains. Undoubtedly, Gandi possesses great work ethics and perseverance in bringing this truth to the people who are in need of her expertise.  Hence, in order to reciprocate, I “spread the word” to many of my clients, friends and other people who are in dire need of alternative healing methods, by referring them to Gandi, with the hope that these people may be able to improve their health after a few sessions, if not find instant remedy, or so as not to endure any kind of pain any longer.

I certainly wish I had come to Gandi’s Acupuncture a long time ago! Her acupuncture treatments have surely helped me get rid of my chronic migraines more than anything else.  I have not had a single migraine that got me down, and the mild chronic headache is about 95% better. The treatments are simply painless and without any side effects. On the contrary, I have only benefited from Gandi’s Acupuncture and total holistic wellness program, as they certainly energize and release me from a high or accumulated daily stress, a previous thyroid related problem, sensitivity to bright or glaring lights, as well as, pollution, skipping meals due to work deadlines, anxiety, physical overexertion, chemical odors, barometric pressure changes, smoke or smog.

I am grateful to “Gandi’s Unique Holistic Wellness Treatment Approach,” especially her acupuncture, which includes detoxification and cleansing of all passages throughout my entire body.  “Gandi’s Acupuncture” is definitely a solution to someone with a migraine pain history, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Since undergoing Gandi’s Acupuncture, I no longer have the daily severe headaches.  My migraines are fewer in number and much less intense. I rarely take those medicines anymore.  At the end of the day, I still exert such vitality and surprisingly, I exude such radiance because I do not have to fight daily headaches nor migraines anymore. I most certainly have clearer focus, which makes me accomplish even so much more!

I hereby offer my grateful thanks to “GANDI’S AMAZING ACUPUNTURE” and I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and guide Gandi and her staff as they work for the better health of humanity!

So, go on…….  kindly “SPREAD THE WORD,” as you may be able to save someone from his/her misery!

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