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Filler Rebonding ( Hair Botox season 2)

Park Jun

Park Jun

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After regular straight perm, if you have dry or split hair, try hair botox to make your hair stronger.  Straightening includes straighter and because of that, it’s easy to get damaged especially your hair was already little bit damaged.  To reduce the disadvantages, hair botox is here now.

After rebonding, if you do hair botox, you’ll have much stronger and healthier hair even for people who often color their hair, who naturally have thin hair, it’s better to add miracle powder.

This product, 100% natural mineral, it’s  soft we do it with our bare hand.

During summer under the sun, you get serious damage so try hair botox.

Plus, we are having an event! 50% D.C. on hair botox.

Please don’t feel the pressure under bad economy to be gorgeous.

When it comes to hair, make-up, skin care, and medical massage therapy Park Jun’s, which is South Korea’s most famous beauty salon, is a cut above the rest. Little wonder it is the Number One selling hair design franchise in the global market. It’s branches are all over the world –  in the Philippines, Paris, London, Vancouver, China, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and here in Southern California.

The reason why Park Jun’s excellence is known far and wide is because of its impeccable service and professionalism.  Before Park Jun’s hair designers are accepted into the job, they are taught cutting edge techniques from Korea.

“They have to have many experiences in order to work in the field,” said Alice, who owns the Sherman Way shop.  “Park Jun’s hair designers  truly do have different techniques that we taught them from Korea.”

Park Jun’s prides itself as hair and makeup artist of the reigning “Miss Hi-Teen Korea” winner, and other Filipino-American celebrities.

The Park Jun’s Van Nuy’s branch is located at 17613 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91406. Tel. 818-757-0675; 818-757-0680. Website: www.parkjun.com.

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