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Filipino Judge Kerns runs for fourth term

LAS VEGAS – Judge Cedric Kerns, the only Filipino American running for Municipal Judge in Las Vegas Municipal Court, is gunning for his fourth term on the bench.

Having served since 19997, Judge Kerns’ excellent work on behalf of Las Vegas citizens earned him the distinction of being selected as the Outstanding Judge of the Year by the Nevada Judges Association in 2006 for his “commitment to the judiciary and his work to make the courts more efficient, more responsive to our citizens, and more effective in protecting our communities.”

He was also endorsed by Law Enforcement and highly rated in the Annual Judicial Survey conducted by mainstream Las Vegas Review Journal.

In addition to his sterling performance, Judge Kerns turned into solving a glaring problem prevailing among the youths in Las Vegas. He created the Las Vegas HOPE (Habitual Offender Prevention and Education) Court, which has been praised as “an innovative approach to sentencing and rehabilitation that gives habitual offenders, mostly drug abusers, a chance to change the direction of their lives.” (Source: Las Vegas Sun, March 5, 2007).

The success of the HOPE Court led Judge Kerns to establish the YO (Young Offender) Court to reach younger offenders in order to prevent them from becoming habitual offenders. He also involved the youth offenders’ families by educating them and making it their joint responsibility to provide moral and material support to assist the youth offender in staying off their drug habits.

“Those who meet the program requirements have a chance to become sober and drug-free. Those who do not pass the program’s random drug tests and other requirements face jail time. With the prospect of facing jail time, young offenders have no recourse but to shape up or ship out,” says the youthful-looking judge.

In addition to earning the “Outstanding Judge of the Year” award, Judge Kerns has also earned the respect of Law Enforcement. He was endorsed by the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, which represents over 3,200 police officers, Corrections officers, and City marshals.

In the face of all accolades and recognition being heaped on him, Judge Kerns remains humble and grateful. “I am honored to have received the support, endorsement and encouragement of so many members of our community during my tenure as a Municipal Court Judge. I hope to continue receiving your support as I look forward to serve more years in the court,” says Judge Kerns. (Zen S. Laluna)

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