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Felix Reginald Lopez as Demolay’s Master Councilor

Felix Reginald on his Installation as Master Councilor of the Walt Disney Chapter, Order of Demolay last 10 November 2012 @ the Demolay Jursidiction Offices, Anaheim, California

Felix Reginald Lopez was elected as Master Councilor of the Walt Disney Chapter of the Order of Demolay, together with 20 other Officers of his Chapter. They will be installed on November 10, 2012 at the Southern California Demolay Center, 303 West Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim, California.

Order of Demolay is a young man’s fraternal organization, ages 12-21. It focuses on  preparing young men to lead successful& productive lives by fostering their civic awareness, personal responsibility and shaping up their leadership skills. Demolay members undertake these tasks by taking a fun approach thru group activities. It also require Demolays to adhere to their seven cardinal virtues of Filial Love, Reverence for Sacred Things, Courtesy, Comradeship, Fidelity, Cleanliness and Patriotism.

Felix Reginald Lopez was a graduate of Servite High School at Anaheim, California. At Servite, he played Football as Offensive Lineman, Team Captain of the Academic Decathlon, competing in Orange County, which copped 3rd place in essay writing, Lead Vocalist of the ServiteAdvance Choir, top class debater and public speaker, officer of various organizations such as Junior Statesman of America, & Peer Assistance League of Orange County, andone of the founders and Lead organizers of Servite’s  famous Spirit Committee which is also known as the Black Curtain.

Currently, he is enrolled at Cypress College taking Communication and a consistent member of the President’s Honor Roll, having a grade point average of 3.8 .

 His younger brother, Richard will also be installed as the Marshal of the Chapter.

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