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Fashion hits and misses of 2010

The year in fashion has certainly been a talked-about one. From Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress to Sandra Bullock’s sparkler of a gown at this year’s Oscars, the celebrities certainly inspired some fierce love it or hate it debate. So let’s take a look back at the greatest fashion hits and misses of 2010 and relive all our collective oohs and aahs, or in some cases, shrieks of horror.

Greatest hits

Kate Middleton’s engagement announcement dress: Within 24 hours of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement announcement, British retailer Harvey Nichols sold out of the deep blue Issa dress the bride-to-be wore. The reason is simple. The dress manages to be both elegant and classy without looking dowdy, the royal blue color and v-neck keeping the look fresh. The $535 dress has reached superstar status, causing a global sensation with women all around the world coveting the pretty long-sleeved frock.

Michelle Williams at the photo call of “Blue Valentine” at the Cannes Film Festival: Michelle Williams is living proof that you don’t have to overdo it to top everyone’s best dressed list. Michelle stunned in an astro print short sleeved dress by Suno, pairing it perfectly with a pair of Stella McCartney ankle strap cork wedges. Short sleeved mini dresses were all the rage this year, and Michelle certainly worked the trend beautifully, managing to look effortlessly artsy without trying too hard (*ahem Maggie Gyllenhaal).

Sandra Bullock at the Oscars: Oscar night was certainly Sandra’s night. Aside from winning the Oscar for best actress, she also topped everyone’s best dressed list in a gold stunner by Marchesa. The glamorous dress sparkled in all the right places and showed off her rocking figure without being overly revealing. It was a dress worthy of a prize all on its own.

Anne Hathaway at the Metropolitan Ball: This is the dress that every woman wants to wear. The Valentino dress was certainly fit for a princess, with its romantic empire waist silhouette and dazzling sparkles. The Met Ball is all about the glamor, and Anne certainly brought it.

The misses

Lady Gaga’s meat dress: Even for Lady Gaga standards, this dress is way too much. It not only grossed most people out due to the dress being made out of actual raw meat, but the dress is also just plain ugly. Lady Gaga later defended the outrageous outfit on the Ellen DeGeneres show, claiming that it was a political statement since “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” hadn’t been repealed at the time. But just what exactly this horror of a dress has to do with gays in the military is anyone’s guess. Sorry Gaga, but nothing justifies this fashion nightmare.

Madonna at the Metropolitan Ball: It was like Madonna was trying to look bad in her Louis Vuitton rabbit ears and thigh high leather boots. The outfit was so outrageous and tacky that it boggles my mind that she even thought about wearing this. And why on Earth would Louis Vuitton make rabbit ears? This outfit was disturbing on so many different levels.

Blake Lively at Comic Con: It’s a shame Blake landed on the “misses” list since she’s widely regarded as one of the most fashionable starlets in her age group. But the Anna Wintour favorite obviously didn’t get the memo that you’re supposed to wear an actual top to Comic Con, because whatever this low cut Preen creation is, it’s certainly not that. Blake is definitely guilty of an overshare, to the point where it’s just tacky and classless. Did it give all the comic nerds something to openly stare at? Yes. But did it land her on the worst-dressed list? Yes.

Tina Fey at the Golden Globes: Oh Tina. A solid effort, but you failed. Tina’s outfit at the Golden Globes had all the right elements, but an unfortunate silhouette tanked the entire outfit. Tina wore a Zac Posen dress that cut at the ankles, a look that’s undeniably unflattering on such a petite woman. The dress made her look shorter than she already is, and even the gorgeous Christian Laboutin shoes couldn’t save it. It also rained the night of the Golden Globes, giving her an unfortunate Mary Poppins look when she posed with an umbrella, making the entire look ten times worse. Maybe next year Tina, maybe next year.

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