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Crowning glory treatment options

By Marlou Colina

It’s spring time and the change of weather can be a big factor as to why we have dry hair. Trying different grocery shampoo and conditioners is not enough to solve those hair damage problems. If it does not work, that means it can make it worst!

So here are some options I think will help you guys get some ideas on treating your damaged hair.

POWER DOSE IT! Power dose is a L’Oreal Treatment which gives conditioning, softer feel and good shine to hair. Power dose concentrate works on hair lengths. It penetrates into the hair and repairs and condition the hair from inside. Regular treatment of power dose makes hair healthy, strong, smooth & shiny. It comes in variety of treatments depending on the kind of hair condition you have. Different options are power color for color treated hair, power contrast for highlighted hair, power repair for extremely damaged hair, and power density for people who needs more volume. Service can cost from $35-$45 depending on hair length.

HOT OIL TREATMENT! Works quickly from the inside out to repair internal damage to the hair, smooths the surface, and separates each strand to reduce friction and give the hair a healthy bounce. The result: silky hair so smooth and alive with body that you have to run your fingers through it! Service can cost from $45 and higher depending on hair length.

When do you need a HOT OIL TREATMENT?

1. After color treatment your new color will look more radiant and feel perfectly smooth all the way to the ends. This treatment delivers a double veil of the sheerest hydration to keep the color fresh longer.

2. After straightening treatment pampering the hair with much-needed hydration will leave your hair feeling softer and smoother.

3. When the hair is dry or stressed immediately after using hot oil treatment your hair will feel healthier and softer. The new hair hydration technology also adds shine and body without weighing the hair down.

HAIR BOTOX! Fiberceutic treatment is the latest technology from Loreal Paris. This technologies major component is Intra-Cylane.
 Hair rehab starts here! The serum in this two-step in-salon treatment is enriched with Intra-Cylane, a water-activated molecule that is able to deposit in the hair as evaporation takes place. It is designed to help reinforce the protective layer of hair. Followed by the special sealer, hair feels softer and looks revitalized. Service can cost from $40 depending on hair length.

BRAZILLIAN KERATIN TREATMENT! Keratin is a type of protein high in the amino acid “Cystine.” This special amino acid is what makes hair super tough and extremely elastic. Scientists refer to Keratin as a “Biopolymer,” due to its unique structures and interesting properties. That’s why it’s been determined that a good doses applied directly to your hair can repair it from its very core, and recover the strength, elasticity and moisture that lost through the years. You literally have new hair formed of revitalized dead cells. Service can cost at $250 and up depending on the length of hair and density.

I hope these options will help you guys decide to try this new and amazing technology the hair market can offer. It would be best if you guys ask your hair specialist to have a free consultation and enjoy your soft and healthy hair soon.

-Marlou Colina

Celebrity Stylist and Founder of The Marlou Colina Salon and Celebrity Make-Up Line.


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