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Cotto vs. Mayorga: Round by round analysis

By Rod Mijares

Balita Correspondent in Las Vegas

In the first round, Cotto started with a left jab and another left.  Mayorga answered with a jab of his own then held Cotto while he hit the back of his head.  This got him a warning from the referee and the first of the the many jubilant reactions that energized the crowd.

Mayorga threw a combination and Cotto unleashed two left hooks.  Mayorga threw two rights to the head. They both caught throwing a punch at each other at the same time.

Mayorga with another combination.  Cotto counter-punched with a combination of his own.  Mayorga with a left-right and Cotto threw a left-right salvo. Mayorga threw another combination.  Cotto missed a left hook to end the round.

In the second round, after mixing at each other both unleashing three combinations of their own, Mayorga at the end of the round remained standing at the center of the ring staring at Cotto while the latter went to his corner.   Mayorga’s trainer had to sprinkled water at his face to signal him to sit at his own corner.

In the third round, Mayorga started with a right to the head and threw another right. Cotto with a combination.  Mayorga missed with a right hook.  Cotto missed, as well.  Mayorga teased Cotto.  Cotto with a Combination.  Mayorga with a left hook and gesturing Cotto to come in that earned another reaction from the crowd.  Cotto with a combination.  Mayorga on the ropes who kept on teasing Cotto.  Cotto with another combination.  Mayorga missed twice.  Cotto with a left-left to the head.  Cotto ended the last 10 seconds with a left-right combination to the crowd’s delight.

In the fourth round, Cotto started with a punch to the head.  Mayorga with his antics as Cotto missed three times.  Cotto aimed for the head but Mayorga’s head movements got the better of him.  Cotto chased Mayorga as Mayorga kept on teasing him.  Cotto with a miss.  Mayorga with a good combination to the head.  Both exchanged punches.  Mayorga almost slipped pointing to the floor as the crowd reacted.  Mayorga with another combination.  And another one in the last 10 seconds as Cotto had to cover his faced with his right hand.  People stood in appreciation.

In the fifth round.  people were chanting Cotto’s name as Cotto discharged four combinations to Mayorga’s one.

In the 6th round, Mayorga was teasing as Cotto was jabbing.  Mayorga missed a right and left hook combination.  Cotto with a left upper cut.  Mayorga missed as he moved in. Mayorga connected.  Cotto missed a jab but connected with a left to the  body.  Mayorga connected.  Cotto with a left jab.  Mayorga with a right to the head to end the round.

In the 7th round, Cotto connected with a right to the head as Mayorga ducked to open the round.  There was a good exchanged of punches.  Mayorga settled in, composed for a moment then threw a combination.  Another exchange.  Mayorga was more aggressive and connecting more.  Mayorga teased Cotto then threw a combination.  Mayorga chasing and hitting Cotto with a right to end the round.  Good round for Mayorga.

In the 8th round, Mayorga got another warning for hitting Cotto at the back of his head. Mayorga talked back to the referee touching his chin.  Cotto with a left hook.  Then, connected with an upper cut.  Both boxers exchanged punches.  Cotto with a combination to the head followed with a jab.  In the last 10 seconds as Mayorga missed and caught the rope instead and then, gesturing to Cotto with both arms down.

In the 9th round, Mayorga with a left hook and Cotto answered with a right hook. Mayorga with a combination then Cotto answered with his own.  Mayorga with another combination and both boxers exchanged punches.  Cotto threw 5 combinations while Mayorga threw 3 combinations in this round.   Antonio Margarito, who defeated Cotto in their previous bout, was shown in the screen and the crowd booed him as he smiled.

In the 10th round, Cotto missed with a jab.  Cotto with a combination as Mayorga counter-punched.  Mayorga with a combination of his own.  Cotto with two powerful jabs that the crowd reacted.  Mayorga missed two and then missed another two.  In the last 10 seconds, Mayorga chased Cotto and hit the rope as Cotto moved out of his way.

In the 11th round, Mayorga was standing with his arm entangled on the rope waiting for the bell.  Cotto started with a combination but missed.  Mayorga threw a combination,  Cotto connected with his left jabs.  Mayorga connected, as well.  In the last 10 seconds, he chased Cotto with a combination.

In the 12th round, as Mayorga threw punches, Cotto counter-punched with a right then with a vicious left hook that sent Mayorga kneeling with his right and wrenching in pain favoring his left hand.   It was later announced that he dislocated one of his fingers in the exchanges before the knockdown.  Mayorga beat the count but Cotto chased him with a straight left to the face. Mayorga looked at the referee, Robert Byrd, imploring that he could not continue fighting.

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