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Colina Salon Thankgiving Day with seniors

Free Haircut  and Make Up  Tie Up with  Filipino American Service  Group Inc.(FASGI)

Marlou with FASGI senior holding an MC Hair products gift

Marlou Colina with his expert  beauty stylists trooped to  FASGI’S wellness center to provide free haircut and makeup to seniors  as a gesture of  giving back to the  Filipino community .A number of seniors enjoyed their beauty make overs and had their before and after photos during  their beautification sessions .The  Colina salon stylists had a great day bonding with  the  seniors, the FASGI staff and with their Executive Director  Susan Dilkes.

Marlou Colina exclaims” I am so happy to work with FASGI’s group and reaching  out to our  respected seniors . One of the our good virtues as Filipinos  is to take care of  our elderly  and this thanksgiving week , we thought of having a “beauty day “  to give them a  nice treat.

FASGI’s Susan Dilke’s  responded and says “Thank you so much for Marlou and the Colina Salon Stylists .One of the main objectives of our organization is always to improve the quality of life of our community. With this tie up with Colina Salon, we keep our seniors happy by making them look beautiful and good looking.”

FASGI is a non-profit neighborhood-based health and human care provider. Incorporated in 1981, FASGI has grown into one of the leading independent providers of health and social services for low-income underserved Filipino American families and others in Los Angeles County. From its inception, FASGI’s chartered mission has remained to empower the underserved through culturally-competent care, advocacy, social services, education, social action, research and leadership. During over two decades of providing culturally-competent social services, FASGI has helped prevent unnecessary or early institutionalization of thousands of underserved, low-income individuals, especially seniors.

Colina Salon  is also very active in reaching out  to  the Filipino American community projects .Recently ,  they supported the Queen Lola  beauty  pageant and has also provided a very successful  beauty lecture “Beauty and the Best “ with no less than Asia’s respected beauty expert Dr Vicki Belo . Colina Salon   is also planning to open new outlets to new markets soon  to respond to  market demands.

Marlou with FASGI’s seniors

Colina Salons are located in Long Beach at 3848A Atlantic Ave. Suite 1 Log Beach Ca 90807 ,Tel no (562)9883101 and in Los Angeles at 628 N Vermont St Suite 9 Los Angeles, CA 90004 ,Tel no. (323) 6635311.Or log in to www.colinasaloninc.com.

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