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Chad Ochocinco: Racial discrimination exists in NFL

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens have used their Versus TV show, “The T.Ocho Show,” to grab attention with intriguing soundbites all season long.

In the latest episode, Ochocinco and Owens discussed the $50,000 fine Brett Favre got for not cooperating with the Jenn Sterger investigation. Owens commented on the size of the fine compared to Favre’s salary, which sent Ochocinco off on a controversial tangent in which he suggested that racial prejudice exists in the NFL.

“Time and time again, I’m always gonna put one of us in the situation,” Owens said, “and if it was somebody else, this right here would have been dealt with early on. What more can you get out of Brett Favre? They fined him 50 grand, that’s nothing. They just gave him 4 million extra dollars just to come back and play this year. Do you think somebody’s gonna give me an extra four million just to come back and play next year?”

Ochocinco responded.

“You know why? You want me to tell you why? You want me to tell you why? Listen, and you better not edit this. You wanna know why they won’t give you an extra $4 million to come back and play? ‘Cause you’re black. Period. Case closed.

“If you wanna be honest, if you wanna be real. The season is over. We can’t get in trouble. I will say what I please now.”

It’s not the first time the subject of race has been brought up by the duo. In an early episode of the show, Owens suggested Ben Roethlisberger got a favorable suspension over his sexual assault allegations because he’s white.

The duo underachieved in 2010, and by the end of the season it appeared they both fell out of Marvin Lewis’ favor. In 2011, it’s entirely possible neither receiver is back with the Bengals.

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