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Burger King is conversation starter, McDonald’s responds fastest to tweets: report

A new report on the level of social media engagement has found that McDonald's may respond fastest to tweets, but that Chipotle is more likely to respond to all its fans. ©Robert Davies/shutterstock.com

(Relaxnews) – Have a beef with the service or quality of your latest fast food meal? If it was with McDonald’s, odds are you’ll get a response within 29 minutes of blasting out a tweet. Burger King, however, could take more than two days to reply.

Those are some of the conclusions of a new “Fast Food Report” from Unmetric Scores, a social benchmarking company which tracked the level of social engagement among 16 fast food chains between January 1 and April 30 of this year.

According to their findings, McDonald’s ranked as the most “astute” fast food chain in the social media world, particularly for its fast response times on Twitter and for being the subject of a high level of online chatter. Taco Bell followed closely behind. But not all of the buzz was good, the report notes, as both chains suffered negative coverage over the first quarter.

Scores are calculated based on a blend of 24 qualitative and quantitative algorithms, says Unmetric.

While McDonald’s may reign on Twitter, however, Burger King has seen a 105 percent fan growth on Faceook since January and is also the top conversation starter, the report says, generating the most online threads at 4 percent.

As of July 16, Burger King had about 5,321,000 Facebook fans, 60,559 of whom have made comments.

Over the weekend, a simple Facebook post which read, “There’s nothing quite like the Whopper Sandwich,” generated 558 comments which either praised the chain’s signature burger, or offered comparisons to other chains.

Mexican fast casual chain Chipotle also emerged as a brand with a strong online presence: the chain uses Twitter as a conversational tool to connect with followers and replied to 100 percent of its fans 15,002 tweets during the report period.

Meanwhile, 61 percent of Facebook fast food fans are female.

The most successful conversation starters on Facebook and Twitter tend to be about ad campaigns and menu changes.

Last fall another social media barometer, Amplicate, found that Subway was the best-loved fast food chain online, while Burger King was the least liked after collating millions of online opinions.


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