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Myrna Aquitania

Myrna Aquitania

Myrna graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. She attended a masters program in Journalism and Marketing at Nortwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. She is also a Certificate holder in Film Productions & Theatre Arts from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. Myrna has a total of 40 years media experience.

While in college, Myrna worked as Associate Producer at Channel 5 Philippines while simultaneously working as Assistant Publisher at Philippine Aviation & Travel Magazine, before pursuing her studies in the United States.

Her tenacious pursuit on a publishing career gave her the experience to learn publishing initially as a proofreader at the Encyclopedia Brittanica in Chicago, Illinois, followed by her position as
a Publishing Assistant at the Sadlier Geography World Book Series in Chicago, Illinois.

Myrna’s expertise in book publishing gave notice to weekly trade magazines such as the weekly Audio-Visual Magazine and the Florist & Nursery Exchange, so the company Trade Periodicals, Inc., of Chicago, Illinois offered her a position as Managing Editor for their two weeklies. She then moved on as weekly Associate Editor of Furniture Design & Manufacturing Magazine.

The cold weather in Chicago ended up unbearable for Myrna so she decided to move to LA, landing a job at Frederick’s of Hollywood as Media Director where she supervised 12 graphic artists/designers and an assistant for their ongoing mail-order, retail and catalog advertising promotions.program.

Further in her advertising career, she became a Marketing Consultant for the LA Times, publishing a weekly Filipino supplement which prompted her to establish her own publishing company called MCJ Media Network, thus publishing a monthly magazine and producing a weekly TV show called “Chicks to Chicks.”

As a publisher/TV producer and community leader, Myrna produced the theatre version of Nadres’ play called “Hanggang Dito Na Lamang At Maraming Salamat,”  televised in Los Angeles and San Diego, California.

Myrna has been active in the Filipino community of LA since the early 80’s. She’s the former President of the Filipino American Press Club of Los Angeles 2008-2012, former President of the UP Sigma Delta Phi Alumni Assn. of Southern California, Co-founder of the West Coast Sigma Delta Phi Alumni Assn., former PRO of the UP Alumni Assn. and member of the St. Joseph’s Alumni Assn. in the US.

Myrna’s extensive marketing expertise included government advertising contracts when she became Government Contracts Specialist at the Daily Journal Corp. and Contracts Administrator at the Metropolitan News where she finally retired.

Currently, she enjoys her leisure time as the LIGHTHOUSE columnist of Weekend Balita.

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