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Billiards: 11th Predator Int’l 10-ball C’ship on Sept. 15-18

MANILA (PNA) – One of the longest running tournaments in pool will return to Asia on September 15 to 18 with the 11th installment of the Predator International 10-Ball Championship.

Predator’s premiere event is produced by Dragon Promotions and will take place at Robinson’s Galleria Mall in Manila, Philippines.

The field will host 96 world class players including defending champion Efren Reyes, a living legend in the game. The Predator International 10-Ball Championship is the very first event The Predator Group ever sponsored starting a decade ago.

“After last year’s smashing success, we were thrilled that Dragon Promotions was keeping the event in the Philippines. Each year the event grows and more people are attracted to playing, watching, and following the Predator Championship. It’s become one of the great events in billiards and a tradition that we intend to nurture for a long time,” said John Forrester, Chairman of The Predator Group.

Over 30 countries are estimated to be represented at this year’s event including Germany, India, Sweden, China, England, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Finland, Hong Kong, Norway, Mexico, Canada, Curacao, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, and the USA.

Defending champion Efren Reyes, World Champions Mika Immonen, Darren Appleton, Thorsten Hohmann and many more will be some of the 96 world class pros from across the globe who will make their way to the Far East.

The event will take place over four days and will air live on ABS-CBN and re-broadcasted on ESPN Star Sports.

“This is a class event. It’s one of the most well run and well organized events I’ve ever played in,” said Tony Drago, a past champion of the Predator International.

“We are really happy at the reception The Predator International Championship has received over the years from pro players, and the welcoming fans and media in Asia.

“ABS-CBN has been a great partner and the media worldwide has made the pros in our event well recognized. And of course Predator has put in an enormous amount of time and energy to develop the event and see it prosper over the years. We have an outstanding team and we know it will only keep getting better”, said Dragon Promotions CEO Cindy Lee.

DP CEO Cindy Lee and Predator Group CEO Karim Belhaj have evolved the Predator Championship from humble beginnings to an international event

The Predator International is one of the longest running events in the world today and has a prestigious history of great champions. Past Champions include: 2001 Buddy Hall -USA 2002 Mika Immonen -Finland 2003 Johnny Archer -USA 2004 Johnny Archer -USA 2005 Johnny Archer -USA 2006 Thomas Engert -Germany 2007 Shane Van Boening -USA 2008 Tony Drago -Malta 2009 Dennis Orcullo -Philippines 2010 Efren Reyes -Philippines

“We’ve always recognized the importance of giving back to the players. The players love this event and it has become a staple tournament in the pool world. We are proud to be able to continue this long tradition between the pro players and Predator,” said Predator Group CEO Karim Belhaj.

For Info and Registration: e-mail predatorchampionships@gmail.com or call 1-407-782-4978 websites: www.Dragonpromotions.com www.predator10ball.com. â– 

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