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Bill to ban presidential appointees from seeking elective position

Rep. Gustavo Tambunting 2nd District, Parañaque City (photo screenshot courtesy of www.gustambunting.com/)

Rep. Gustavo Tambunting 2nd District, Parañaque City (photo screenshot courtesy of www.gustambunting.com)

MANILA  (Mabuhay) – A lawmaker has filed a bill banning presidential appointees from seeking any elective position in government after the expiration of their term of office.

Rep. Gustavo Tambunting (2nd District, Parañaque City) said House Bill 183 will cover all persons who hold executive positions in the government based on presidential appointments and those who serve either at the pleasure of the President of the Republic or on a specified term of office.

Under the bill, to be known as the “The Executive Election Ban Act of 2013,” appointive officials will not be allowed to seek elective positions for 12 months from the day that their term of office ends.

“While there are existing laws to prevent losing candidates from assuming executive positions, at least for some time after the election where they participated, there are no direct checks for executive officials who may use the resources of their offices in preparing for their political ambitions,” Tambunting said.

He said the bill prohibits appointive officials from using their power and influence to advance their political ambitions.

The bill mandates the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to include in the certificate of candidacy for all elective positions a certification to be executed under oath by the person filing such document that he or she has not held any appointive position within 12 months prior their filing of candidacy.

Tambunting said violators shall be immediately disqualified by the Comelec and may also face an administrative or criminal case for perjury.

“Public office has, in most cases in the past, been seen as an instrument of self aggrandizement and gain. This is especially true for presidential appointees who sit in executive positions with access to the vast resources of government,” he said.

Tambunting said there are government officials who use and abuse these resources of government to finance their political plans. “The vigorous Anti-Epal campaigns from civil society groups during the recent elections bear testament to this,” he added. (MNS)

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