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Avoiding immigration fraud

By Atty. James Beirne

Immigration fraud can come in many different forms, and can include document fraud as well as benefit fraud. Individuals that are seeking legal entry into the United States are particularly susceptible to falling prey to individuals or companies that can promise quick, easy and guaranteed immigration documents. Coming to the United States to live and work is a personal and often emotional decision. There are people out there that know this, and will prey on your strong desire to become a legal resident of the U.S. They also know that if English is not your first language, you may be at a disadvantage in navigating through the immigration system.

Document fraud involves producing fraudulent documentation, falsifying information or forging documents in order to entry into the U.S. Documents that are commonly falsified are visas, birth certificates, passports, or social security cards.

Benefit fraud involves marriage fraud, or applying for U.S. benefits fraudulently. This is a serious offense, and can result in immediate deportation, denial of citizenship now and in the future, and heavy fines.

Some tips to avoid getting into a problem during the immigration process are:

Don’t Ever Lie. This sounds self-explanatory; however, it cannot be emphasized enough. Having the strong desire to obtain legal status as a U.S. citizen can cause people to bend the truth or lie when the chips are down. Remember that the United States is very efficient at fact-finding, and their expertise in this matter should never be underestimated. You can be sure that ultimately, the truth will come out. If you are found falsifying any information, you can be punished for fraud and sent to jail.

Be Wary of “Immigration Consultants.” Many people out there may claim they can quickly and easily help you obtain a green card, for instance. This is a major red flag. While the process can go smoothly with the appropriate assistance, no one can predict how quickly your documents will be processed. Be aware no one but a licensed immigration attorney can appropriately assist you with the immigration process and represent you in front of the USCIS.

Do not Fall for False Promises. If you speak with someone who claims they can help you obtain immigration documentation quickly, or they “know someone” inside the USCIS, do not believe them. Only trust a qualified immigration attorney who can ensure that your immigration process is handled appropriately and as quickly as possible.

Only Use a Qualified Immigration Attorney. In order to ensure your best chances of a smooth immigration process, it is imperative to consult with an immigration attorney. Your attorney can analyze your particular situation, and help you decide which course of action is best for you. The paperwork you are required to submit during the immigration process is complicated and time consuming to complete. You attorney can ensure that all of your paperwork is completed properly and filed in a timely manner. Your lawyer can also represent you should you need to appear in front of the USCIS. The law changes constantly, and your immigration lawyer will know this. Staying up on all procedural changes will only benefit your case.

If you are looking to obtain lawful permanent residency in the U.S., it is important to contact the Law Offices of James G. Beirne for assistance. Do not be tempted to think that you can handle the process yourself. Using an immigration consultant, can cost you delays, more money and headaches. Seeking residence in the U.S. is a life-changing step and the stakes are high, so it is important to use the best. Our office has helped thousands of people obtain their immigration documentation so they could begin living the American dream. Whether you require a family, finance or employment petition, investor or student visa, or inter-company transfer, we can help. We also can assist you with deportation defense, naturalization and visa extensions. Contact us today at any of our three locations: Glendale (818) 552-4500, Cerritos (562) 865-4480 and West Covina (626) 262-4446. When you visit our offices, you will receive legal guidance and a free consultation, so contact us today.


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