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An American wins Miss World 2010 – Norway Claims Conspiracy

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? Not this time! After years of coming up short in international beauty pageants, America has finally brought home the Miss World prize thanks to 18-year-old Alexandria Mills, the Associated Press reports. Now that’s what […]

Mel Gibson dropped from ‘Hangover’ sequel

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – In a highly unusual public rebuke of a former A-list movie star, Warner Bros. has dropped Mel Gibson from the cast of “The Hangover Part II.” Gibson, whose anti-Semitic, racist and misogynist rants have made […]

Racy ‘Glee’ Photos in GQ: Time to Tone it Down or Just Get Over It?

‘Glee’ Actress Dianna Agron Says Shoot ‘Wasn’t My Favorite Idea,’ but ‘We Are Not the First’ to Push Envelope Those were the sentiments of one of the “Glee” actresses under fire for posing in the newest issue of the...

Beyonce’s Mom Shoots Down Pregnancy Rumors

If anyone would know whether Beyonce Knowles is pregnant (after B herself, of course) it would be her mother, and according to Tina Knowles, her daughter is not pregnant. In an interview airing today on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Tina […]

Rooney Mara vs. Noomi Rapace: Who Will Be the Grittier ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?’

Rooney and Noomi: sure, their names kind of rhyme, but the similarities may end there. Rooney Mara is reportedly taking major steps to inhabit the role of Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s American adaptation of “The Girl With the Dragon […]

Talking Through Teens’ Growing Pains

(NewsUSA) – Pop culture tells us that teenagers inevitably transform into hungry, rebellious, secretive monsters. But while it is true that teenagers seek autonomy, it’s not impossible for parents to keep the lines of communication open. It might seem that […]

“Mickey Mouse of Japan” Goes Stateside

(NewsUSA) – Japanese imports like Pokémon and DragonballZ have been entertaining American children for over a decade, but Japan’s most iconic manga character — a child robot known as Astro Boy — has only recently been rediscovered by American...

How to Eat Thai and Enjoy It

(NewsUSA) – Do you love to eat at Thai restaurants but always order the same dish, such as Pad Thai, because, although everything sounds delicious, you’re confused about the complex and intriguing descriptions on the menu? Here are some tips […]

How to Choose a Video Game for Your Child

(NewsUSA) – Inevitably, your child will ask for a video game you don’t know anything about. Maybe the rating is higher than you think is appropriate, or you’re simply not sure you want your child mowing down pedestrians or playing […]

Video Games Can Teach, If Kids Will Play

(NewsUSA) – While it’s not unusual to see books or movies taking plots from the headlines, hot topics now show up in unexpected places — including video games. No longer content to produce simple shoot-‘em-ups, many game developers now create […]