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Series for Covered California: Part 3 – Income

by Joseph Doratan The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has defined an affordable health plan as one that you  pay 8% or less of your income to have. To ensure that you have an affordable plan, Covered CA even provides premium […]

Series for Seniors: Part 5 – Choosing a Medicare plan

by Joseph Doratan I often encounter people asking me to recommend the best Medicare plan. I am a straight shooter; I’ll tell you this: there is no perfect plan. Every plan has its limitations, exclusions and nuances in benefits. When I […]

Series for Seniors: Part 3 – Completing the Medicare Puzzle

by Joseph Doratan Having just the Original Medicare card is not enough. It does not cover the cost-sharing like deductibles, co-pays and 20% co-insurances. It does not cover prescription drug. It does not have worldwide coverage. One way to complete […]

Health Insurance Options

Series for seniors: Part 2 – Medicare parts and when to apply by:  Joseph Doratan, MBA, CFP The Original Medicare has Part A and Part B.  Part A covers inpatient services like hospitalization. Part B covers outpatient services. In 2006, prescription […]

Series for seniors: Part 1- 5 ways to get health insurance

By Joseph Doratan0 Seniors who are 65 and older have 5 ways of getting health insurance. What are they? Employer-based insurance, Covered CA, outside of Covered CA (also known as Off Exchange), Medi-Cal and Medicare solutions. Employer-based insurance is an […]