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5 ideas to help you realize your hidden beauty

Re-discover the beautiful you

Beauty is a big word.  For many people, it is a word that is not used often enough.  Whether you’re talking about the world around you, the way you look in your new outfit, or simply passing it along to a co-worker -include the word “beautiful” in your daily vocabulary.

The norm among Filipinos has beem to strive to be western-like and as a result we have taken our own unique beauty for granted. We have dismissed those darker skinned Filipinos throughout our culture and we’ve celebrated those who posses the least tropical features uniquely representing who we are ethnically.

It’s about time that we discover that beauty all over again.  The truth is we are all beautiful and we alone can define what that means to us personally but more importantly however we see what is and isn’t beautiful plays a great part in our level of happiness.  I’ve got some ideas that can help you make this year your best.

1] Confidence Can Be Sexy.

It’s not enough to fake that confident exterior.  That attitude will come-off as being arrogant, but the esteem that exudes when you know you’ve done your homework and you can speak with authority, can be calming to people and it’s #1 on my list.  More than likely, if you’re Filipino, you are your own toughest critic.  Don’t second and third guess yourself, raise your head high and speak your mind freely.  More than likely, you’ll discover that people have been waiting to hear what you have to say.

2] Love Yourself.

This is a very hard thing to do for many of us.  It stems from the subconscious awe that we have with the western style and mentality.  The Philippines is one of the world’s most beautiful places, our culture, food, values, hospitality and tropical beauty are adored everywhere in the world.  So, the second biggest change you can have in your life is to love yourself.  Beginning with a healthier lifestyle that will get you on the road to looking, feeling and being a beautiful person.

3] Give Back.  Philanthropy and community support is a beautiful thing.  Donate some time to your local Boys and Girl’s club and know that the good you are passing on to these kids will somehow help shape them for a better future. Another way is to patronize local businesses and Filipino entrepreneurs who provide equally or even better services or products than American counterparts.  It’s wonderful to see that many of us are in businesses with our children involved and thrive as a people showing the world the values of our culture.  Last year we sent billions of US dollars back home fueling the Philippine economy, spurring business growth and employment. The world has taken notice of who we are so take pride that you have contributed to this renewed image.

4] Own Your Style.

Don’t feel like you need to be someone that you’re not.  In our culture for example, it is common for us to not mention or make fun of certain obvious situations.  We tend to gloss over them or just move on to the next topic.  In actuality, we may have strong and educated opinions that could benefit the situation.  Today, quite and passive is out, the beautiful woman is one that can communicate well and who can harness true passion for her career and family’s growth and enrichment.  For men, it is no longer charming to just maintain the status quo.  Your individuality, creativity and fearless ambition draw people to you and woman take notice these days.

5] Reward Yourself Often.  Demolish the idea that taking care of yourself is a chore.  A haircut should be at the top of your to-do list.  That’s time you’ve set aside and prioritized for yourself.  A person’s to-do list says a lot about that person.  Ask yourself, is your beauty appointment the first thing in the morning or the last thing of the day?  Take care of yourself first and give and you will have an entire day to run errands looking and feeling confident.

Make this your best year ever! Marlou Colina is an award winning celebrity stylist. Please forward comments to marlou_20@yahoo.com. If you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to make an appointment please visit us: www.MarlouColina.com, 562.988.3101 3848 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 1, Long Beach, California, USA.

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