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Junk Removal Company Targets Greener Techniques

(NewsUSA) – Stuff happens. We all have it. Too much of it in fact, if you believe the late George Carlin. It starts slowly (at first), but over time seems to manifest into unmanageable (and sometimes unfathomable) piles to the […]

Reinventing Swimwear for Women

(NewsUSA) – Sunglasses: Check. Sunblock: Check. Swimsuit: Uh-oh! The sun is out, and the surf is up, but women everywhere can be found in front of full-length mirrors facing an age-old dilemma, thinking: “What swimsuit can I possibly pull off […]

Sharing the News About Medicare’s Preventive Services

(NewsUSA) – Did you know that as a result of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare now covers a yearly wellness visit and many preventive screenings and services? Preventive services like these can find health problems early, when treatment works best. […]

Spice Up Your Summer Grilling Recipes With Unique Flavors

(NewsUSA) – It’s that time of the year again — time to dust off the barbecue and gather the family together to celebrate summer! As happy as you are to kick off the grilling season, that same old barbecue sauce […]

In a Daily Slump? Tips to Make Sure You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

(NewsUSA) – Do you find yourself fatigued and yawning throughout the day? A mid-afternoon slump could really be trying to tell you something — it’s likely you aren’t getting enough sleep! The average adult needs seven to nine hours of […]

See the Light: Protect Your Eyes From Summer Rays

(NewsUSA) – As you slather on sunscreen to protect your skin this summer, don’t forget to protect your eyes. Unlike other parts of your body, your eye’s lens does not repair itself when damaged by the sun’s rays — eventually […]

Dogs Foster Activity While Improving Vascular Health

(NewsUSA) – Man’s best friend provides more than mere companionship. Dogs encourage humans to exercise daily — come rain or shine. “The need to take a daily walk provides dog owners with a great form of exercise,” said Leila Mureebe, […]

Understanding Your Pet’s Immune System

(NewsUSA) – In my practice, I’ve always used probiotics in general -; as animals need probiotics just like humans. Adding beneficial bacteria to a pet’s diet helps the digestive system combat intestinal parasites and improves digestive function. The...

Horseshoe Casino presents Pinoy Rock and Soul at The Venue

Chicago – The new $500 million Horseshoe Casino, just 20 minutes from downtown Chicago, is excited to present Pinoy Rock and Soul at The Venue on Saturday, July 2 at 8: p.m. The proclaimed Philippines’ Queen of Soul, Jaya, and […]

Extend Summer Clothing Through Multiple Seasons

(NewsUSA) – While beach and traffic conditions might be out of your hands, your choices in the laundry room do affect the fit and feel of your favorite bathing suit. Swim and athletic wear are meant to stay comfortable during […]