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Hope after an order of removal

By Attys. Robert L. Reeves. & Nancy E. Miller Being ordered removed from the United States is disheartening and frightening. Often, one disappointment follows another. After the immigration judge denies relief and orders deportation, an appeal can be filed with […]

Automatic temporary restraining orders that are in effect upon commencement of divorce

By Atty. Kenneth Reyes It is typical, if not natural, for Parties to a divorce case to start hiding assets and income from each other as soon as divorce is anticipated. Spouses are thinking ahead of the game on how […]

Permanent residence as a battered/abused spouse

By Atty. Paul Choi Paul Choi is an immigration attorney practicing in Encino, California. As a public service, he will answer all questions regarding immigration and naturalization for free either by mail, email at pchoi@pchoilaw.com, on the phone, or in […]

CIS issues memo implementing favorable reforms

By Atty. Allison Aquino The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made it abundantly clear that enforcement of the immigration laws against individuals unlawfully residing in the United States is amongst one of its top priorities. The more stringent enforcement […]

How long must I wait for my green card and citizenship?

By Atty. Daniel Hanlon Although the volume of newly-filed applications for benefits is down at the USCIS, the processing times for some applications pending at the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (“USCIS”) are longer than ever before.  The USCIS holds...

About K-1 fiancé visas

By Atty. James G. Beirne So you have finally found your soul mate, the only problem is that she lives in another country. You have fallen in love become engaged, and now it is time to get your loved one […]

Filipino designer Oliver Tolentino dresses nominee & attendee at 2011 Oscars

Filipino fashion designer Oliver Tolentinno dressed an Oscar nominee and the producer of a Best Short Film nominee at the 2011 Academy Awards in Hollywood, California last February 27. Matthew Libatique, nominated for “Best Cinematography” for “Black...

‘Time to be serious’ by Jannelle So

SO LA By Jannelle So I don’t remember much about the events surrounding the bloodless EDSA revolution in 1986. I was nine then, and all I can remember now was that the television was always on. It wasn’t airing regular […]

Short film produced by Filipinos wins Oscar

By Antoinette Bueno Balita Media News Service The short film “God of Love”, produced by Filipinos Gigi Dement, Stefanie Walmsely and Stephen Dypiangco, picked up an Oscar Sunday night, beating out stiff competition to win what is arguably the highest […]

Confusing food labels can hide diet hazards

By Joel Weber Your weight isn’t entirely your fault – and that’s exactly what the folks engineering your food don’t want you to know. Find out how you can bite back. Sugar. Fat. Salt. Combine large doses of any of […]