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Tips for a Healthy Smile at Any Age

(NewsUSA) – You’ve probably heard that a healthy smile makes a great first impression, but good looks aren’t the only reason to take care of your pearly whites. Numerous studies have linked poor oral health with serious health conditions, including […]

NACo Prescription Discount Card: Easy, Valuable and Free

(NewsUSA) – When Samantha White’s health insurance premiums became too high, she, like many Americans in these tough times, sacrificed her health coverage. Unfortunately, White, a resident of a rural North Carolina county, also fell ill. White’s sister, Nancy...

Find Savings in the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Gap

(NewsUSA) – Did you reach the coverage gap, or “donut hole,” in your Medicare prescription drug coverage this year? If so, you may qualify to get a one-time, tax-free $250 rebate check to help with your prescription drug costs. This […]

Solving Clean Water Challenges a Drop at a Time

(NewsUSA) – Good, clean water. It’s a basic necessity shared by families everywhere. Unfortunately, billions worldwide lack access to the safe water many others take for granted. In fact, contaminated water supplies are the leading cause of illness for millions […]

Engineers Eye Job Opportunities In the Power Industry

(NewsUSA) – The need in the United States to expand the power infrastructure to meet the anticipated heightened demand for electricity could grow the job market for engineers skilled in plant operations, equipment design and related disciplines. By some government […]

To Be Green, Homes Must Be Dry and Mold-Free

(NewsUSA) – You often hear the term “green building” as homebuyers seek to purchase homes that are built using recycled materials or that use less energy. Recycling and energy-efficiency are important goals, but they must be pursued in a way […]

Should Food Waste Go Down the Drain?

(NewsUSA) – Americans hoping to live “greener” lives often tackle the kitchen first — after all, separating the recyclables seems easy enough. But proper waste disposal can be more complicated than tossing cans in a blue box. What’s the best […]

Re-insulation Projects Offer Year-Round Rewards

(NewsUSA) – Homeowners seeking to pad their homes and wallets should consider re-insulation projects that maximize energy efficiency year-round. Simple, energy-saving practices will not only reduce heating and cooling bills every month, but also will result in a higher tax...

7 fees you should stop paying right now

The little things add up in life, and the same is true for the annoying fees you pay for your credit cards, cell phone service and other features of modern daily life. Here are seven fees you can stop paying […]

For some, jobless benefits trump a job

Work sometimes pays less than benefits in such a weak job market You know the economy has become truly screwy when it pays more to collect jobless benefits than to get an actual job. The economy is so weak and […]