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Last Night’s Winner: None More Black (Quarterbacks) [Last Night’s Winner]

After Vince Young and David Garrard exited with injuries, week 6 saw only three black QBs finish the game for their team — easily the lowest number since people started noting this sort of thing. Maybe Rush Limbaugh is last […]

Goddamnit It, America [Television]

You could have watched an exciting, important game, a tense changing of the guard of the best playoff pitchers ever. Or you could have watched Kerry Collins and Trent Edwards trade handoffs in a meanlingless AFC South contest. Guess which […]

Backheel Goal Scorer Returns With More Fancy Goal Scorin’ [Video]

Another all-worldie from Irish striker Matty Burrows of Glentoran FC. The terrible goalkeeping sort of takes the shine off this one, though. [via OTP] This post, written by Richard Gilzene, is republished with permission from The Spoiler. Go there often […]

Video: We Ask Jose Canseco About His Missing Chandeliers [Video]

Earlier today, I scuttled over to 8th and Broadway in Manhattan. The goal: ask Jose Canseco if he’d gotten his “chandeleers” back. Was it a success? Yes. Yes, it was. As much as anything involving Jose Canseco can be called […]

This Dude Has A Religious Experience With Madden [Video]

Greg Jennings goes 99 yards on a broken leg. Exciting, if it were real and not a video game. But that doesn’t stop him from creaming his pants over it. [VERY NSFW LANGUAGE]

Fans Taunt Canadian Football Team, Team Responds With Fists [Video]

A brawl broke out during an Ontario junior league football game between the Hamilton Hurricanes and the St. Leonard Cougars this weekend. Hamilton, Ont., police are not yet investigating as no charges have been filed. [The Spec; video via]

No, ESPN Did Not Tell The MNF Coaches To Take Timeouts (UPDATE) [Nfl]

Paranoia swept the blogosphere this morning, as word spread like wildfire that ESPN had told the Jaguars and Titans to use their timeouts at the end of a blowout to get more commercial breaks. Great story. Too bad it’s not […]

America Explains Itself [Television]

We asked you, the fine television viewers of America, why you preferred a crap regular season football game to a great playoff baseball game. You responded, justifying your choice for four reasons. Gambling/Fantasy ramifications: Meet The Mess: Only degenerates bet […]

Jeff Garcia Pisses In Hand Towels, And The Art Of Breaking Thumbs In The Loose-Ball Pile [Nflreality]

Today, mongrels, we’re excerpting from Anthony Gargano’s tremendous NFL Unplugged, which offers a ruthlessly entertaining portrait of the NFL. It has all the lawlessness, the poop, the broken fingers, the organized insanity that the league would prefer you not know...

Your "Baserunners Wearing Jackets!" Phillies-Giants Open Thread [Open Thread]

It’s a 1pm local start for San Franciscans; an excuse to mentally check out of work a little early for the rest of us. Use this space to marvel at Cody Ross’s inevitable home runs.