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‘Incentivize, not penalize small business’ – Sen. Ensign

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senator John Ensign (R-NV), voted to support the repeal of the onerous “1099” reporting requirement for small business in the health law.

“The ‘1099’ reporting requirement is a detriment to small businesses across our state,” said Ensign.

“We should be encouraging job creation by incentivizing the private sector and small business to grow, not stifling it through tax increases. Unfortunately, these reporting requirements will only prolong Nevada’s struggling economy by making it harder for business in our state to expand and create needed jobs for the thousands of our unemployed. My vote to repeal this requirement was a vote to protect small business in our state,” he explains.

“President Obama stated in his State of the Union address that we need to fix this provision in the healthcare bill. He also stated that we should fix what needs fixing in this bill and then move forward. The repeal of this provision is an important step in the right direction, but the full repeal of the healthcare law is the most important thing that we can do to protect health care in America,” Ensign adds.

The “1099” mandate in the current healthcare law requires small businesses to file tax forms for transactions worth $600 or more in a given year. Republicans previously offered an amendment last year, which Senator Ensign voted to support, to repeal the “1099” reporting requirement, but it was blocked by Democrats who are now in support of its repeal.

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